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Vinery MorisFarms

08 Apr Vinery MorisFarms

Earth “divine and of wine”: it is with these words that the Moris family, owners of the farm that is modelled on the name, the Moris Farm, evokes the image of Tuscany Maremma. Words oozing with affection and a sense of belonging: and that’s literally why I wanted to come back. Because they communicate with springing immediacy, pulsating, sincere and genuine: the same qualities – sincerity and authenticity – we find in the white and red wine of the vineyard. Themselves a crowning element: a sign of devotion, of a relationship built over time and culminating in an unwavering partnership. Moris is part of a story, in fact, that started elsewhere: on the opposite shores of the Mediterranean, in that part of Spain with which southern Tuscany has always had relations, until they were governed directly, between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries – a handkerchief of land (the State of the Garrisons) of minimum size but of enormous strategic value. The family left the Iberian Peninsula about two hundred years ago and was immediately captured by the charm of this both rugged and generous scenery; of this then virgin nature, which asked not to be disfigured by man, but to be taken by the hand to express, in that gallant encounter, its finest. The Moris family, already at that point in their history, had wine in their blood; and understood that the life blood transfusion in that region where they had landed would be a challenging adventure but destined to bear memorable fruit. Generations have succeeded each other; today the company is headed by two cousins, Giulio Parentini and Ranieri Moris, who, however, have held the line firm: faithful – and the sacredness of the pact vibrates in their words, when they tell you about themselves and their ancestors – to that vow of love that still makes them feel married to their adopted land; regenerating that emotion, ancient and ever new, in trying to take Maremma by the hand, every day, accompanying it on an indissoluble path. At the start of it all was the great-grandfather of Giulio and Ranieri, Giuseppe Leo Moris: it was he who wanted the vineyard now run by his great grandchildren. They, together, are dedicated to constantly improving production, continuing a mission that they – yes, we can say it – have married. And from that marriage unique wines have been born: the white Vermentino; sweet Scalabreto; the reds Mandriolo, Morellino, Morellino Riserva, Barbaspinosa and Avvoltore. If you follow me on this journey of discovery of the “jewels” of the Moris Farm, I will be happy to let you know about it too …

農莊以老闆摩利士家族的名字命名,並有「美酒勝地」之美譽。「摩利士農莊」這名字不但令人聯想起意大利托斯卡納著名的Maremma紅酒,而且還充滿愛和親切感,值得本人向大家推介。再者,這農莊給人的首個印象是充滿生氣、信譽可靠及待客至誠; 而後兩者更能體現於農莊的紅白顏色,象徵全情投入於一段永固友誼。摩利士家族之故事在地中海彼岸的西班牙開展。在十六至十八世紀前,西班牙直接管轄面積最少、但卻充滿戰略價值的意大利托斯卡納這個軍事屯駐地,兩地關係密切。在二百年前,摩利士家族離開伊比利亞半島,移居至托斯卡納。由於托斯卡納散發的自然魅力與摩利士家族的純潔脫俗、以雙手創建最美好生活之特質非常相似,他們很快便開始享受在當地的生活。剛巧摩利士家族以釀酒起家,他們逐漸意識到當地人對酒非常講究。若要釀製出令托斯卡納人滿意的美酒,便需先種植出優質水果。於是,他們一代接一代以優質水果釀製美酒。時至今日,摩利士家族業務由兩位表親 – 古里奥‧柏倫天尼及拉里尼‧摩利士管理; 他們秉承家族宗旨,互相尊重及信任,在業務上達成共識。與此同時,他們將自己及其祖先的故事銘記於心。這些充滿承諾及關愛的故事令他們忠愛托斯卡納這地方,且促使他們不斷推陳出新,令人對其釀製的Maremma紅酒百喝不厭。古里奥及拉里尼偉大的祖父 – 李奧‧摩利士是摩利士家族釀酒業務的創始人; 他希望自己的後代能不斷致力於改良產品質素,繼續奉行使命必達之宗旨。古里奥及拉里尼現一起繼承家族業務,並謹遵祖父之遺訓,釀製出一系列美酒 ,包括Vermentino白酒、Scalabreto甜酒、及多款如Mandriolo、Morellino、珍藏Morellino、Barbaspinosa及Avvoltore的紅酒等。請各位跟隨本人發掘及細意品嘗上述由摩利士農莊釀製的美酒…