Bottega Toscana | Grangessato – Aged roqueforti Buffalo cheese
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Grangessato – Aged roqueforti Buffalo cheese

Grangessato cheese

30 Aug Grangessato – Aged roqueforti Buffalo cheese

Grangessato, the name comes from “plastering”, a slightly granular cheese paste that is obtained by manual processing before ripening.

A name that recalls the tactile experience we will have once we lay a sliver on our tongue.

The finishing of this cheese lasts 90 days at least, so to allow its flavor to develop, the penicillium roqueforti, that is added to milk with fermentation, can create a spontaneous blue marbling that can be found or not once the mold is open.

The rind is wrinkled and pretty hard, its texture is naturally made by the processing and it is white with reddish and grey spot, turning into ochre during aging.

By taste the paste is, as we said, slightly granular and crumbly in the mouth, with a white paste and a natural blue marbling, especially under the rind.

The slightly hot feeling stands out during tasting, a feeling that increases with aging, with a strong and savory taste that persists over time.

此名源自”灰泥” 。由於這種芝士在成熟前經人手處理,其質地略為粗糙。