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Il Grangessato

Il Grangessato -Aged roqueforti cheese Buffalo cheese.

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Il Grangessato – Buffalo cheese.
Aged roqueforti cheese

The name comes from “gessatura”, i.e. a slightly granular cheese paste obtained by manual processing before aging.
Thus, this name recalls the tactile experience awaiting us as the slice rests on the tongue.
This cheese ages for at least 90 days while its characteristic flavour develops; tossing penicillium roqueforti into the milk along with ferments can give rise to spontaneous marbling, which appears – or not – as the form is opened.
The wrinkled rind presents a solid consistency and the texture emerges naturally from processing; its white appearance is spotted with reddish and grey blotches, which tend to become ochre with age.
Upon tasting, the white paste feels slightly granular and friable in the mouth, with natural marbling appearing mainly right under the rind.
There is also a slightly spicy sensation which strengthens with age, with a lasting, strong and savoury taste.

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