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23 Apr Bottega Toscana @ Hong Kong Hofex 2015

The Tuscan Maremma and its excellent produce is ready to participate in the Italian expedition about to land directly in Hong Kong: from 6 to 9 of May, the eastern metropolis is home, in the halls of its Convention and Exhibition Centre, to the activities...

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08 Apr Vinery MorisFarms

Earth "divine and of wine": it is with these words that the Moris family, owners of the farm that is modelled on the name, the Moris Farm, evokes the image of Tuscany Maremma. Words oozing with affection and a sense of belonging: and that's literally...

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04 Apr Morellino DOCG Riserva

Every time there is an opportunity to go to MorisFarm, the time spent with Giulio and Ranieri (the generation that currently has the management of the company under its control) is not only an interlude of pleasant conviviality, but also the opportunity to exchange more...

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