Bottega Toscana | About
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A taste of Tuscany in Hong Kong

la bottega is a traditional shop where Italians purchase specific, made-with-care gourmet food and delicatessen, not sold in supermarkets.

A store where you can find the best craft productions, by the best and oldest food and wine producers in tuscany.

bottega toscana brings the hand-picked, real Italian gastronomy in Hong Kong. Your one-stop shop for the Tuscan excellence.


History, art, culture, nature. A boiling pot of immortal charisma that feeds the products of the earth and imprints the ages. A land of eternal delight.


Among the best wines in the world are grown and vinified in Tuscany. From Chianti to Morellino, passing through the most noble traditions.


A traditional manufacturing process gives the pasta a rough surface, which ensures that the sauces are well tied, preserving the natural taste of wheat.


The Tuscan cheeses are made with local cows, with ancient techniques and production processes handed down over the centuries.


Ancient perfumes accompany our childhood memories. Hands that expertly blend the unique ingredients give shape to our passions.